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                                    Social Media


We believe in genuine engagement. We don't just pay for "likes" and followers. We research markets, find people who directly engage with your project or product, and communicate with them to maximize productivity.  We handle ALL social media markets  - Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and many more. Additionally, we also promote your product, project or brand on our own social media accounts as well as with our partners - EDA Music, EDA Books and EDA Films. The total reach of our partners is over 600,000 followers. Our team consists of Social Media directors that have experience working with brands like ESPN, La Galaxy, Vigilants Entertainment, Alliance for Women in Media, HBO, CBS and more. If you need social media for your film, we're the company for you!


We charge $25 an hour and you get a dedicated team of 3 people working on your project at no extra cost. Hire us now!

Prophecy Girl Films

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