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Pr   phecy Girl Films 

                                                      Entertainment Elevated

When you choose Prophecy Girl Films, we predict you will be successful. That's because we put in our 100% for every project we take on, no matter how big or small. Right from working with Oscar® and Emmy® award winners to writing and creating podcasts, television pilots, feature films as well as marketing and producing high quality events, theater productions, soundtracks, and much more, we are a dynamic company dedicated to elevating both independent and mainstream projects to their highest potential. 

We provide WGA screenwriting services, film production services, and event planning in Los Angeles, and while we have worked with many high-profile clients, we would like to emphasize that we are very affordable. We work within our clients' budgets, and have experience working with non-profits, individuals, and corporations alike. 

Our co-founder has written on television shows like THE EQUALIZER (CBS) and TRUE LIES (CBS) and for the hit scripted podcast series TRUE WAR STORIES: MISSION REPORT. We have done outreach, development and marketing for MY GUARDIAN ANGEL (selected at the Cannes Film Festival), LET THEM EAT CAKE (screened worldwide in over 40 festivals), WOMEN BEHIND THE CAMERA (aired on PBS), and events such as the The IDA Screening Series, The IDA Awards, and DocuDay Los Angeles for The International Documentary Association. You can view all of our clients and projects

For more information, check out our
services page. But we can already tell you - your future's looking bright.

Prophecy Girl Films

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