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Prophecy Girl Films offers a number of services to the entertainment industry. We have worked with independent filmmakers, Emmy® award winners and major studios, and have established ourselves as a professional and reliable choice for your entertainment industry needs. Our roots are in Development, but we have branched out into other parts of the industry. Some of the areas we work in include:

Script & Story Development *

Technical & Corporate Writing

Unscripted Development Producing

Unscripted Development Casting

Video & Podcast Producing

Writing for Film & Television *

Event Producing

Graphic Design

Outreach Coordination

Post-Production (Avid only)
Public Relations
Social Media Strategy

Advertising Copy

Book Marketing
Content Writing
Creative Producing
tion Consulting
Doc Grant Applications

We're always excited to take on new projects. From pre-production on a short film to a week long screening series, we've done it all. No matter what you need, we're here to help take your project to the next level. 

* WGA 
contracts only


For legal reasons, Prophecy Girl Films DOES NOT accept unsolicited material. Please do not email us scripts or pitch us projects in your initial outreach to us. If you do so, your email will go unread.

For more information and customized pricing on any of our services, please email

Prophecy Girl Films

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